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you are forgiven.

so I have become quite enamored with The Who lately. this cool older guy in my physical geography class, who still uses phrases like, "I dig it!" burned me a copy of their super famous documentary, "The Kids Are Alright", and I watched it. And it is amazing. It's not a lot of speaking or interviews, its more full cuts of live songs and things. But wow. The Who is unbelievable. There's this one song, "A Quick One While He's Away" that kills me because it is so contemporary for its time. Its a ten minute mini opera almost, just cut into 5 sections of different songs. My favorite is the last, absolutely. But yikes, everything I'm hearing is so great. And I kind of have a crush on John Entwistle, early years.

I wonder if people get bored of hearing me go on and on about music I like. I sat on duty one night and for the whole night just watched videos of the who, and everyone just kind of sat and talked around me, obviously not entertained. I am a geek.

I went to the city today with the staffy. It really ended up being a good day, it was cloudy and cold but within the busy-ness of downtown it felt comfy cold and perfect for tons of pictures. We went to Rockefeller Center obviously, and I searched high and low for Conan O'Brien but saw not. We also went to Central Park, and one of my favorite places ever, Museum of Natural History. Today was great since I learned their ticket price is a suggested donation, which means while a student ticket is 11 bucks, you can say oh that's great, here's a dollar. And they're like oh awesome take your effing ticket and get out of here. But yeah, the museum for a dollar. I want to go all the time now. If anyone wants to go during the break, let's make this happen.

I keep finding fantastic itty bitty songs that just make this holiday and time of life so much more enjoyable for me. There's a song, "Falling In Love In a Coffee Shop" and it is just about the sweetest little love song for the sake of being sweet that I have ever heard in my life. It was on some Kay Jewelers commercial, but whatever. I don't like jewelry as much as pretty songs. There's also this song called "Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill" which is fun and almost doo-woppy but incredibly infectious to listen to. Songs seem to be one of the few things that brighten my day. I have such a list of adorable little wintry songs that you just want to listen to and look at the face of someone you want to be looking at.

11 days until I go home. It's about time, I need to get home. I need to make money and see my friends and find someone (please anyone) who would actually like to watch the 'kids are alright' with me. I think I would flip out if I found someone who really was interested in and wanted to watch these rock documentaries with me. I'm excited for christmas decorations. I'm not excited however about the prospect of staying up for another half hour to wait for my laundry. Classes are finally over which means no more having to wake up early, which is always a wonderful thing with this heavenly bed here. I'm going to miss this bed a lot when I'm home. a lot. This bed loves me like no boy ever could.
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